Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support

Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support is Officially Closed

For any help contact Hertfordshire Perinatal Community Team on:

0300 124 0939

Day groups are run by Butterflies and more details can be found on


Finally Hatfield runs groups in their Birchwood Children Centre by the Pandas Foundation.


Thank you to everyone for fifteen years of love and support!
Charlotte, Petra and All The Trustees


Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support celebrated fifteen years of success this year!

Petra Leighton our CEO and I have loved every minute of ensuring women’s lives are richer and safer thanks to the hard work of all our volunteers and friends.

In Hertfordshire fifteen years ago, there was no peer support for women recovering from postnatal illness.  With the more recent awareness surrounding mental health, we now feel there is more support and easier accessibility to specialist services in Hertfordshire.  We have watched new and wonderful charities be created and the launch of the Community Perinatal Team in early 2017.  As a board of trustees we have carefully looked at and evaluated our charity objectives and made the decision that we will close at the end of July 2018.

We want to thank everyone who has supported Hertfordshire Postnatal Illness Support over the last fifteen years and enabled us to reach so many families needing help.